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Eirik Vullum
JavaScript Consultant and Trainer

About me


My name is Eirik, and I get my kicks from taming complexity while solving problems and helping others do the same.

I help customers create manageable custom solutions for any project.

I often do talks and run courses in JavaScript, Node.js and React.

I also help companies reach their goals by training and mentoring developers/teams in building effective and maintainable JavaScript applications.

Do you have a hard problem to solve, a nasty stubborn bug to fix, or just an amazing idea that you need to bring into reality? I can probably help you with that.

Co-organizer of the ReactJS Oslo Meetup.

Some of my talks

Some of my projects

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Shoot me an email if you want to talk about what I can do for you and your project.

I specialize in crafting manageable web applications and consulting teams in Modern JavaScript, Node.js, React and Taming Complexity

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